Discover winzip free best alternative ever

We offer you a free program for compressing and decompressing files – WinRar Free archiver. When sharing files over the Internet, it is better to compress them beforehand, as emails have limited size of their capacities and if you are keeping a huge amount of files they may not even fit in there. If you want to send you summer vacation pictures to your family, you don’t have to send them in sets (regular email providers allow to attach only a limited amount of files regardless of their size). You can simply compress them and combine them into one using our free WinRar and send one message with all of your pictures. It can be not only images but text documents or files of any other formats you can think of. You don’t have to send a bunch of files and spend crazy hours on attaching them one by one, you can combine them into a single one by turning a folder into an archive and sending all the files at once without being afraid to overlook one.

Our archiver is the kind of program you don’t need a tutorial for. The program doesn’t weight much, and it sure won't require any special system requirements. You will not have to waste your hard drive space stuffing it with a plenty of programs you don’t really need. WinRar Free will not take much memory itself, the archiver is very light, unlike some other programs it will not affect work of your computer. To use it, just right-click on a file and choose an option from the drop-down list.

Software we develop is compatible with Windows OSs: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000 and the last version of the OS – Windows 8. The archiver is not going to conflict with other programs installed on your computer. Our WinRar Free is safe and will not cause you any trouble.

What we offer is not a demo version of the software. You can use it as long as you need without being afraid it can become paid. We work for fans of our software; our programs are free and always will be. We are not going to invade your privacy by asking your name or street address, you don’t have to enter any information whatsoever. To download our WinRar Free, press Download and wait a moment. Once download is over, feel free to install the archiver, no activation code required. To change or open a document with an archiver, right-click on it and choose WinRar Free from the list that appears and pick an action you want to perform.

If you have any questions on how to install and use an archiver, feel free to look through our FAQs page or go straight to Support section. Feedbacks are always welcome!